We offer a workshops, professional certification trainings and seminars in the field of personal and professional development.

Looking for something specific? In addition to the programs listed, we can work with your team to custom design a program that is tailored to speak to your needs and your team. Contact us for more information.

Awaken Your Potential

September 17-18, 2016 – Monte Carlo Inn, Vaughan Suites

October 15-16, 2016 – Monte Carlo Inn, Vaughan

November 26-27, 2016 – Monte Carlo Inn, Vaughan Suites

Access the tools of Advanced Awareness and learn how to create the life you have always dreamed of at this empowering 2 DAY EVENT!

NLP Practitioner Board Certified Training

(7 days in class + pre-study package)

Using our Advanced Awareness training model, you can NOW earn FOUR certifications in ONE Training. Use these Board Approved technologies to accelerate your career or begin a new one!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a highly advanced set of technologies that facilitates rapid change in people. It is most commonly used in the fields of Business, Education, Therapy and the expanding world of Coaching.

Our NLP Practitioner training is Board Approved. There are a lot of seminars and certification trainings out there any anyone can facilitate a program and print a certificate. Ensure you’re getting the highest quality education and training when you choose our globally recognized, board regulated NLP certification. Our Fast Track format was designed with the busy professional in mind and makes it possible to earn 4 professional designations while managing career, family and personal commitments.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

(14 days in class – Prac)

NLP is an art and a science. At the Practitioner level, students you learned the science of NLP; at the Master Practitioner level you learn the art of NLP. Once again you will utilize the technologies of NLP, Time Line Therapy®/Creating Your Future® Processes, and Hypnosis. Your skills will move to a new level as you learn, gain mastery and integrate a whole new set of powerful techniques. Add to this a thorough understanding of Values and you achieve mastery.

Pre-requisite: NLP Practitioner training