Success Mastery

Graduate Support Program

Success Mastery™ Graduate Support Program: An Exclusive Bonus Program for Avalon Empowerment Graduates and Students.

Our mandate is to create an environment to support and facilitate the advanced awareness, development of skills and integration of teachings for our graduates.

When you enroll in a professional training with Avalon Empowerment, you are automatically included in our Success Mastery™ Graduate Support Program. This includes follow-up support for all graduates and Bonus trainings. The bonus graduate support days are held quarterly for a total of 4 full days of additional training per year. These trainings are loaded with high level learning and new material and are designed for the individuals and teams who want to continue to grow, evolve and empower their lives.

Community and culture are cornerstones of our vision to integrate the NLP mindset into graduates lives at the highest level. The Success Mastery™ Graduate Support Days are being offered exclusively to graduates and enrolled students of the professional certification trainings so that the integrity of the teachings can be upheld as we support each and every graduate to actualize their highest potential.

Maintaining a sense of community and connection after completing trainings has been paramount to the success of many of our grads. At Avalon Empowerment it is our intention and personal mandate to foster these connections while increasing competency, amplifying skill level, and supporting our grads in achieving their goals.

Next Available Dates Are:

Open to graduates and enrolled students only. You will need a code to complete your purchase.

August 18, 2019 – Monte Carlo Inn, Vaughan

November 3, 2019 – Monte Carlo Inn, Vaughan

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