NLP Master Practitioner Certification

(14 days in class – Prac)

NLP is an art and a science. At the Practitioner level, students you learned the science of NLP; at the Master Practitioner level you learn the art of NLP. Once again you will utilize the technologies of NLP, Time Line Therapy®/Creating Your Future® Processes, and Hypnosis. Your skills will move to a new level as you learn, gain mastery and integrate a whole new set of powerful techniques. Add to this a thorough understanding of Values and you achieve mastery.

Pre-requisite: NLP Practitioner training.

Are You Ready For Change?

The potential of this programming is incredibly powerful.  We recommend a free, no-obligation conversation with one of our Program Directors to ensure that this is the right time and place for you to take the next step.  Directors can answer any questions that you might have about course content, the steps to certification, or how this material applies to your personal situation.

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